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 Pest Control- The Problem

i know a guy pest control


A Local pest control company with excellent service history.

Several household pest transmit diseases and viruses. In most cases its not only the pest! Rodent droppings, urine and fecal splatters from Roaches and other insects, cause odors and bad taste to foods and water. Currently bed bugs have no health concerns in regards, to the transmission of disease and virus. These parasitic pest primarily feeds on blood from human and pet host(s).

Wild life Cause health risks, when they take advantage of small openings in our home. Their nest and bedding location(s) are often  filled with parasites. Parasitic worms and 150 known Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted by fleas or even be airborne. Sanitation of these areas are even problematic and suggested for a professional.

Over the counter pest control techniques can often compound your pest problem by re-routing pest activity. The misapplication of chemicals in the home can cause the formation of new nests, as well as potentially contaminating our environment.

Our services technicians are not only trained to eliminate your pest problems. Safety is a staple to all the services that we provide. Our children and pets, need the freedom to play and enjoy home, with out worry of harmful pesticides and traps etc. We have several natural methods for pest control for a number of pests. Our Local pest control services are the only call you will need to make. 

We only use licensed professional products to eliminate at the source.

 I Know A Guy Pest Control LLc.

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